More Than Just Curry:

The Khau Galli Story

Forget the stuffy stereotypes and overpriced prix fixe menus. At Khau Galli, we're shaking things up like a Bollywood dance party in a spice market! We're not your average Indian restaurant – we're serving up authentic street food straight from the bustling "Eating Lanes" of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Think of it as your passport to a flavor fiesta without the jet lag (and way cheaper than a plane ticket!).

Born in 2019, we were tired of the same old, same old. We dreamt of bringing the electric energy and delicious chaos of those legendary "Khau Gallis" to Oldham. So, we rolled up our sleeves, armed with family recipes and a whole lot of spice, and voila! Khau Galli was born.

Our menu is a love letter to street food. We're talking melt-in-your-mouth panipuris that burst with flavor like tiny flavor bombs samosa chaats that'll tantalize your tastebuds with their tangy-sweet-spicy symphony, and fiery chilli chickens that'll have you saying "namaste" to the heat (with a smile, of course). We even have VIP PODS for outdoor dining, complete with your own music zone and heating, so you can enjoy your feast like a Bollywood movie star (minus the paparazzi, unless you invite them – we won't judge!).

But Khau Galli is more than just a place to fill your belly (although we do that pretty darn well). We're a community hub, our hearts beating with the rhythm of Oldham. From feeding 10,000 key workers during the Pandemic to supporting local charities and the mayor's initiatives, we strive to make a positive impact. And our dream doesn't stop there. By 2029, we aim to feed a million meals to our community and beyond – a testament to our "food with a heart" philosophy. So, are you ready to ditch the bland and join the flavor revolution? Come on down to Khau Galli and experience the warmth, the spice, and the sheer joy of authentic Indian street food. We promise it'll be an adventure you won't forget (and your tastebuds will thank you!). Remember, life's too short for boring meals – come get your masala fix at Khau Galli!

P.S. We might have even won a few awards along the way, but hey, who's counting? (Okay, we are, but we won't bore you with the details. Just come try the food and see for yourself!)

About Us



Khau Galli is a trading name for KG OLH LIMITED

Company No. 14767554

Khau Galli is a trading name for KG OLH LIMITED

Company No. 14767554