Naan-Stop Fun: Where Every Bite is a Celebration!

Have you ever dreamt of crispy parathas for breakfast, fluffy naan for lunch, and sizzling street food dinner served under the stars? We make those dreams a reality! Warning: may cause uncontrollable cravings, spontaneous chai breaks and an insatiable desire for more! Life's too short for boring meals. Dive into a world of vibrant flavors, where spices dance on your tongue and every bite is a celebration... Now, don't just read about it, taste it! Book your table and experience Indian street food magic!

Mothers Day 2024

Ditch the Dishes, Spice Up Mom's Day with a Delicious A La Carte Meal & Free Cocktail or Mocktail at Khau Galli!

Skip the kitchen chaos and give Mom the ultimate gift of relaxation and deliciousness this Mother's Day! At Khau Galli, we're serving up a vibrant feast fit for a queen (or, well, a mama who deserves to feel like one!).

The Untold Story:

What Makes Khau Galli Oldham's Must-Try Restaurant?

Ditch the bland and dive into a world of vibrant flavors at Khau Galli! We're not your average Indian restaurant - we're serving up authentic street food that explodes with taste and innovation. Think Mouthwatering Pani Puris, melt-in-your-mouth lamb, and fresh, fragrant biryanis - all made with passion and a commitment to quality. Join us for brunch, dinner, or an unforgettable evening under the stars in our fully heated outdoor VIP PODS.

More than just a meal, Khau Galli is a community hub, feeding smiles and dreams, one delicious bite at a time. Ready to embark on your flavor adventure? Come say hello!

About Us



Khau Galli is a trading name for KG OLH LIMITED

Company No. 14767554

Khau Galli is a trading name for KG OLH LIMITED

Company No. 14767554