How It Began

As it is said, in a city like Bombay, anybody wanting a good meal any time of the day, there’s always a rush and a stomach will always be fed. In Bombay, KHAU means “favourite snack” and GALLI means a “small lane” and there are several Khau Gallis in Bombay. While the experience of fine-dining has its own charm, street food is best enjoyed at roadside eateries. Khau Gallis are an integral part of Bombay’s metropolitan life and being born out of necessity, the city’s legendary street food has its origins in its now vanished mills and factories, where multitudes of workers needed quick, cheap meals to go.


Bombay Khau Galli's true innovation lies in the scores of different variations and styles on offer for every dish. Virtually every snack served has sub variations to cater to your taste buds. Khau Galli is not just about the food though, it is also a meeting and social hub. At Bombay‘s Dalal Street’s Khau Galli, stock brokers trade their stock tips while enjoying mini meals and Khau Gallis are around every major commercial and college hub, diamond market near Opera House, populated local railways stations, such as Andheri, Churchgate, Ghatkopar, Lower Parel, etc. Bombay’s Khau Galli has become an essence of the city and an ultimate paradise for food lovers. Khau Galli of Zaveri Bazaar is the happening street for food lovers and shoppers. People shopping for jewellery do stop at Khau Galli to enjoy their favourite snack. It breaks the barriers of wealth as everyone enjoys the savouries. The wealthy relish the taste and those not so rich appreciate the lesser stress on their wallet.

Experience Our Food

Sitting down and tucking into something delicious is one of life's simplest pleasures. It's well known that food feeds the body and soul - food can inspire us, comfort us, satisfy us, and make us feel good. Our menu is packed full of delicious dishes that have been thoughtfully designed by our talented chefs.


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